From YDS to the latest X1...

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From YDS to the latest X1...

Postby Anubis » Tue Jul 31, 2007 1:30 pm

I installed the latest version of X1 Pro (trial) client today. Before that I was supposed to remove Yahoo Desktop Search (the latest "branded" version available) which I had used so far. The first impression is - almost the same as YDS. :)

However, what I'd like to know is about the recognizable file types - I also had YDS Expansion Pack installed before, which added several other formats to YDS' indexing ability. Does the latest free version of X1 include all these additional formats or not?

Also, is there any chance that this indexer could (like Copernic) also index Thunderbird's usenet folders?
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Postby w0qj » Wed Aug 01, 2007 8:03 am

X1 Enterprise Client (both free & Pro versions) can index all files that YDS can.

Unfortunately XEC does not index for Thunderbird's usenet folders.

But the new Beta version of XEC does index for RSS feeds; you can give it a spin at the Beta Forums...

For a detailed comparison between X1 & YDS, pls see here:
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Postby mrwul » Sun Jan 27, 2008 8:15 am

Note that YDS can be installed without admin.rights in office environment, X1 requires adm.rights.

I can still index a personal drive/partition and Outlook and for that reason I use YDS very, very often.

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