Why Am I Seeing Files that I Have Not Set for Indexing?

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Why Am I Seeing Files that I Have Not Set for Indexing?

Postby noel » Mon Apr 04, 2005 12:46 pm

The specified extensions list (in the X1 Options > Files > More Indexing Options button > Specify Extensions button) defines what will get indexed for content.

Files not in the list will still be indexed for attributes (like the file name, date, path, etc.). Files in the list will be indexed for attributes and content.

For example, if you searched for "We the People" (in the main X1 search field), you may get results in X1 like:

US Constitution.doc
We like the people.mp3

The US Constitution.doc file appears because "We the People" is found in the document's contents and X1 has been set to index .doc files for content.

The "We like the people.mp3" file appears even though ".MP3" is not set to be indexed for content. This is because the search terms "We the People" appear in the file's attributes (in this case, the file name).

If you would like X1 to exclude files that have not been indexed for content from the results list, type the word "Indexed" in the "Flags" column header field (at the top of the results list). This will force X1 to only show files that have been indexed for content.
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