How to create a folder in the searches pane ?

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How to create a folder in the searches pane ?

Postby scootoha » Mon Jan 21, 2019 2:41 pm


I use X1 Search 8.6 6003ch (64 bit). In an older version (e.g. 6.7.4) it was possible to create a folder in the searches pane to be able to structure the saved searches in different folders . However, the version 8.6 does not seem to have this feature. It is really frustrating not having this help when I need to manage many searches in different subject areas. I assumed that this is not a feature difficult to implement.

I hope I have just not found this function (?). Can ynyone help ?
Many thanks!
Regards Torsten

( In general, I do not see big advantages of version 8.6 against the 6.7. Even the GUI of 6.7 is in my opinion better usable than the one of v. 8.6....)
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Re: How to create a folder in the searches pane ?

Postby Kenward » Tue Jan 22, 2019 5:15 am

Not sure that I understand this.

I have far too many saved searches that are either subject, file type, or location specific.

They do go into different places in the "Tree" display, depending on their contents, but the "Filter Saved Searches" option means that I can load them quickly enough.

To search on everything, use the All search and save there.

Are there any searches that you cannot save?
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