How to improve your chances of getting an answer

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How to improve your chances of getting an answer

Postby Kenward » Sat Sep 02, 2006 6:53 am

"X1 doesn't work" may sum up your problem, but before anyone can help you, they need to know a bit more. You can help to cut to the chase by providing some key details:
    Which version of X1 do you have? ("->Help->About" will tell you.)

    What is your operating system? (Windows XP SP2, Windows NT, etc.)

    What email client do you use? And which version? (e.g. Outlook 2003 SP2, Lotus Notes, etc)

    Which browser and which version?

Feel free to include anything else that might help. There is no such thing as too much information.

For example, we have seen reports of problems that are related to using beta versions of Microsoft Outlook and Internet Explorer. In this case, the answer might not be what you want – it takes time to catch up with Microsoft – but at least you'll know why things are going wrong.

You can also help yourself by checking to see if there is any mention of the error messages you see in the Microsoft KnowledgeBase:

We have found answers there to things like installation problems.

We'll assume that you have already checked out the X1 FAQs and Knowledge Base.

Finally, remember that most of the people here are sharing their own experiences. They don't work for X1 and aren't part of the official support team. So, make allowances and don't get too impatient.

And if you do get advice here that helps to solve your problems, why not come back and say so? You can save someone else time if they turn up later with the same problem.
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