Strange behaviour with Internet Explorer

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Strange behaviour with Internet Explorer

Postby Kenward » Fri Dec 01, 2006 2:28 am

We have seen a steady stream of questions about random appearances of Internet Explorer when using X1. Enough to warrant a relatively frequently asked question.

This behaviour first arose when people used beta versions of Internet Explorer 7. Rather than point folks at one of the several responses on this subject perhaps it is better to reproduce here the official advice from Greg at X1 when someone asked about random appearances of IE7:

Users who have installed IE 7 AND are running X1 v5.5.5 or previous will experience this behavior.

We have further determined that simply having IE 7 installed on your computer will cause this behavior, whether IE or Firefox is set as your default browser.

**Please note that this issue has been addressed in v5.6 of X1. You can upgrade your existing version of X1 using these steps (a reindex is required):

1. Close Email and X1 using File > Exit (verify that the X1.exe process is stopped via Task Manager)
2. Download the latest version of X1 from
3. Reinstall X1
4. If prompted to keep your current settings/preferences, respond "Yes"
NOTE: This will require your indexes to be rebuilt.

I hope this helps.
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