How to get X1 to index numbers in Excel spreadsheets

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How to get X1 to index numbers in Excel spreadsheets

Postby Kenward » Fri Mar 07, 2008 2:38 am

After much wailing and gnashing of teeth over this issue, it turns out that you can persuade X1 to index Excel spreadsheets in a way that lets you search for numbers. You just have to perform a minor trick that involves the IFilter technology that is behind a lot of indexing.

Here is the word, slightly edited, "from the horse's mouth":

In its default state, X1 can index Excel files that have cells formatted using the general format and not cells that have been formatted using the number or currency format (for example).

However, X1 has the ability to utilize IFilters. Installing MS Office, should also install a related IFilter for Excel. Telling X1 to use the MS Office IFilter may solve this issue; however, because there are different versions of the IFilter installed, this solution may not always work.

This is the IFilter in question and its location:

(X1 users have reported finding various versions of offfilt.dll)

To tell X1 to index your Excel files using the installed iFilter, perform these steps:

<OL><LI>In X1, go to Tools > Options > Files > More Indexing Options > Specify File Types

<LI>In the "Additionally index all files with these extensions:" dialog, enter: XLS

<LI>Click Close, Close then OK

<LI>At this point, X1 needs to reindex the XLS files, so you've got several options:

- 4a. Move the applicable files to a new/different folder and update your file index; move the files back to the original folder and update your file index a second time


- 4b. Rename the folder(s) where these XLS files reside and update your file index; rename the folder back to the original and update your file index a second time


- 4c. Clear and rebuild your index - note, that rebuilding include files + emails
Once these XLS files have been reindexed, you should then be able to perform searches against your Excel files that have cells formatted using the number/currency format (for example).

Please note: you must be running build 3377 or higher of X1 for these steps to work

As usual, please provide any feedback on whether this works for you. And feel free to suggest improvements or new ways of achieving the same task.
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Postby w0qj » Fri Mar 07, 2008 9:10 am

Thanks to Kenward for yet another great "Sticky"!

The original source quoted was based on MS Office'2003:

***If anyone finds anymore tips on this, or find any discrepency, please also state what version of Office and Windows are you using. Thanks!
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