Incomplete indexing of MBOX files (Netscape/Thunderbird)

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Incomplete indexing of MBOX files (Netscape/Thunderbird)

Postby karim » Wed Jun 09, 2004 4:13 am


Apparently X1 is only indexing a part of my thunderbird e-mail files. I have my personal e-mails and also archives of a list in my main view of thunderbird. x1 indexes the personal e-mails just fine but does not do the list . For the list:
* it shows the incorrect date/time (1899-12-30 12:00 AM - for all the messages)
* does not show From, Subject, Attachment, To, CC, BCC)
* does show correct message size
* does show proper folder path
* does show proper folder name

I had noticed under advanced indexing option that the folder selection options was not reflecting the true hierarchy of folders and some of them were misplaced.

Using Windows2K - X1 Version 3.0.1
Build: 896zzc
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