Can X1 index .EML files?

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Can X1 index .EML files?

Postby w0qj » Sat Jul 03, 2004 10:29 am

<<This post is in similar vein to "Can X1 Index .MHT files">>

I work with a lot of *.eml files that reside in C:\My Documents
(note: these files were extracted from Outlook Express)

1. I cannot search the for *.eml files on my hard drive?
eg: i put "eml" in "File Type", and
i put the search phrase inside "Files_tab"
***but no X1 Beta (1-July-04 version) could not file the *.eml file which is known to contain the search phrase?

2. whilst we can search these, the "Preview" gives a **very** messy view of the HTML email code (ie: non-rendered form).
***Can X1 please provide us Preview of *.eml files in rendered form (similar to the view when we double-click the actual file in X1 ?)

X1 can contact us (X1 has our email records--you may contact this user "w0qj").
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