X1 indexing files on removable drives

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X1 indexing files on removable drives

Postby csalsa » Sun Nov 20, 2011 7:52 pm

Can I setup X1 to index files on a removable drive? Say USB drive? My X1 index is hosted on my local hard drive.

My removable drive (non-system) partition is encrypted with TrueCrypt - but this should not make any difference.

So what happens when X1 re-indexes files and the removable drive is not present? Is that part of the X1 index for the files on the removable drive deleted?

What happens if I mount my removable drive on a different drive letter? Does it matter for the X1 index?

Is indexing removable USB drives recommended as a practice?

I noted there is the 'Add External Drive...' button in the 'File Indexing Options' dialog. But it does not show my mounted USB drive. Should I only index removable drives added as an 'external drive'? Or does X1 detect and manage removable drives automatically?

I noted that X1 does not list the drive letter assigned to a removable drive in the 'File Indexing Options' dialog (cosmetic issue). Is this because the removable drive can be mounted on different drive letters?
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