X1 slow to startup or restore from minimised

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X1 slow to startup or restore from minimised

Postby liznorman » Wed Sep 11, 2013 2:06 pm

I am finding X1 frustratingly slow to startup and also to restore when it has been minimised. It can take what seems like a whole minute to get the programme open just so I can shut it down at the end of the day! I think the slowness is because it shows the whole index on opening. Is there a way to stop it displaying everything when it first opens? Or alternatively if I kept a search string in the search box that stayed there as I opened and closed the programme that would help. Can either of these things be done? I cant see anything in the settings.
Note I am not complaining about the search speed or the indexing speed.
I have X1 Professional Client Version 6.7.3 running on Windows 7
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