Inconsistent results searching text within file

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Inconsistent results searching text within file

Postby brussell » Mon Aug 02, 2004 11:31 am

I have several large text (tab delimited) files that when I search for a string that I know exists within the file, I receive no results.

I can find the file if I input the first characters in the "Filename" field and leave the "Files" section in the upper screen blank. When I click on the file name, I can preview it at the right, and the status bar at the bottom indicates the file is indexed.

Just some history: these files are automatically generated daily in the same format, and range from 1MB-10MBin size. X1 appears to find some strings that occur early in the file (on earlier rows), but consistently fails to find the ones at the end, even in the smaller (1-3MB) files

I've seen several other posts with similar problems, but no solution to the issue. See the postings by dpotter on 6/11/04, aaronklinefelter on 6/3/04.

I really like the interface, features and speed of the X1 product and am trying to talk myself into purchasing it, but I can't justify spending $100 for a product that gives me incomplete results. I think most users would agree that incomplete results are useless!

Any help would be much appreciated!
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