v6.2.2 Beta Build 3625 Report

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v6.2.2 Beta Build 3625 Report

Postby w0qj » Tue Oct 07, 2008 7:36 am

v6.2.2 Beta Build 3625 Report

-Installation seems to forget my Registration Code, so I had to re-enter this.

-This Beta build is MUCH better behaved on my computer with Win'XP-Pro SP3, IE7. X1 is no longer freezing on my computer, when I press X1 Icon I can actually call up X1 to do searching. Previous X1 no longer responds after 1st use, always causing a "Division By Zero Error".


(The Division By Zero Error still happens once or twice a day on my computer, but at least i can call up X1 again after it crashes). I've installed/uninstalled so many programs on my computer that perhaps the problem is with my Windows installation...)
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