X1 Beta Bug? - cannot launch saved search xml (.X1 file)

X1 Professional Client 6.5 (Beta)

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X1 Beta Bug? - cannot launch saved search xml (.X1 file)

Postby montgomery_kosma » Mon Dec 01, 2008 6:26 pm

We have several saved searches which are shared among our users. These searches are basically XML files with the .X1 extension, created and saved via the X1 user interface.

Before upgrading to the beta, double-clicking any of these files in Explorer would launch the appropriate search in X1.

Since installing the beta, double-clicking these files now just brings the X1 window to the front, but does not load or execute the search.

Confirmed that the searches are still good - they open up just fine using File+Open+Search. Also tried saving a search from the beta and comparing the XML, and the syntax and format is the same.

Looks to me like the windows command "x1.exe searchfile.x1" used to launch the search, but is no longer doing so.

Any way we can fix this on our end (e.g., a parameter in the Open command to X1)? or is this a bug in the beta?


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