My requests for indexing one million files! ;-)

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My requests for indexing one million files! ;-)

Postby Ericb » Mon Feb 21, 2005 4:48 pm


I am on the second day of my trial use of X1.
(X1 has recent crashes, but that is not the problem with this part of the board).

I have mainly zip files which contain : htm, html, doc, xls, ppt and pdf files on my hard drive (Seagate 160Go). If I unzip all the files, this would represent more than 1 million files (about 5 years of reading work online)!
Here are my much needed requests for X1:

1/ Add an option so I can add some main folders in the toolbar :
"Email, Inbox,...Files,...Contacts.. [Here Folder1], [Here Folder2],... "All".
I asking this because I have already about 10 main big folders which contains files that I have already ranked by genre. And most of time I need to make a search in only one "main folder" at the time. (This may also help X1 avoiding bugs. There are maybe too many files on a few folders?).
Moreover, I would like also to save the files created by the indexation of one "main folder" by X1 where I want on my hard drive. Example: On E:\ I have the "main folder2". I would to save the files indexed by X1 on E:\x1_saved2
And for the "main folder3" which is on F:\ I would to save the files indexed by X1 on F:\x1_saved3

3/ Add statistics of the number of files scanned (and the number of files kept among all the files). IMO, a better report than the small one on the bottom left part of the "status bar", is needed.

4/ Add these files as standard extensions:
a) .eml and .dbx (note: I have kept old emails messages in a folder which is not directly related to my current Outlook Express identity)
b) .mht (not sure this is already implemented!)
c) .php (some internet webapges are saved with a php extension even I thought they were html pages)

5/ Add also an option so if there is a file which has no extension name: no "." and nothing at the right of the point.
Example: I know I have a few files without extensions. But I don't which ones. So it would be great if they could be indexed without having to add index all files (*.*).

Many thanks in advance,
[(X1™ Desktop Search Version 5.0 (Build 1500zzb) (Released Monday, January 24, 2005). I am XP home SP2].
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