Advertising & Extra Tabs in Version 5

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Advertising & Extra Tabs in Version 5

Postby fasteddie » Tue Feb 22, 2005 6:28 pm

I just downloaded the newest version of X1 5.0, but have found it extremely annoying to have to see the Try Enterprise Desktop Search link constantly on my screen.

Also, I was quite used to just having four tabs, and while I'm sure many people will appreciate having searches for music and pictures, I really only need tabs for Email, Contacts, and Files, but I couldn't find any way to get rid of the ones I don't use or order them around, as I could in the previous version.

I'd really like to keep using 5.0, but the second issue at least slows me down in my productivity and I may revert back to 4.09. And the first issue is annoying as all heck!

Does the beta address these issues at all?
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Postby riot » Tue Feb 22, 2005 10:37 pm

It's easy to get rid of the buttons you do not need. With X1 open go to the 'View' menu item and make sure 'Searches Pane' is checked. In the Searches Pane everything listed under 'Favorite Searches' is shown as a button on the toolbar. So to remove a button from the toolbar just rightclick it in the Searches Pane and choose 'Remove from Favorite Searches'. Hope this helps.
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