Why can't X1 copy an email search result to the clipboard?

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Why can't X1 copy an email search result to the clipboard?

Postby rickrump » Tue Apr 12, 2005 12:16 pm

I have asked this several times in emails to to Mark Goodstein, but I am very disappointed to not see this feature in X1 yet.


1. I am writing an email and think of an email I want to attach.
2. I switch to X1 and find the email.
3. Would like to select email and do (preferably) a Control-C to copy to the clipboard. Alternatively, right click with a new copy option "Clipboard" would work.
4. Go back to the email I am drafting and type Control-V to insert email.

Instead, I have to do 1, 2, and then:
1. Look at the date and folder. Sometimes the PST isn't obvious from the folder path.
2. Go back to the email I am drafting, Insert Item, find the PST, then hunt through the emails until I find the date of the email and then insert it.

I do this ALOT!!! There has to be an easier way I am missing. I can't be the only one that uses my FAVORITE!!! utility - no, my FAVORITE program - to do this.




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Postby w0qj » Tue Apr 12, 2005 9:50 pm

1. It would be nice if X1 can implement some sort of Drag-And-Dropping an attachment directly into an email (Outlook, OE, Thunderbird, etc.)
X1 did almost have this working last year, if i recall.

2. Another very related problem that's equally as big in usability:
If i reply an OE email directly from X1, then X1 effectly locks up (you cannot use X1 anymore until you either [Send] or [Save_As_Draft].
Specifically, if i then want to look for an email attachment location using X1, i cannot, since X1 is effectively locked up and cannot be used.

The other workaround is to:
a) *manually* find the OE email back in the OE program,
b) [Reply] the email message, then
c) Switch to X1 for finding the email attachment location
d) Switch back to OE to *manually* look for email attachment
e) Attach the email attachment into the email.

***Hope X1 realize that there's a paradigm shift going on:
"It is what X1 can do with the found info that is important;
competent desktop search products are now a dime a dozen."
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"It is what X1 can do with the information found that is important."
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