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RFC::Public Folders :: Automate Select Folders

Postby stuartliroff » Wed Apr 20, 2005 5:54 pm

1) MSExchange2003 users
2) We use Public Folders extensively
3) Select Folders to Scan is NOT AUTOMATIC i.e. if I uncheck "ignore public folders" AND I select which folders to scan, X1 works perfectly well.
4) HOWEVER, if I then add a new Public Sub-Folder, X1 doesn't know anything about that folder, and I need to go back into "select which folders to scan" again.
5) This renders scanning Public Folders useless to me because I (and my colleague) are creating Public Folders ALL DAY; so, consequently, our X1 index is always out of date and never useful.

Can you add a feature to scan public folders so that all new sub-folders get scanned automatically, if I uncheck the box?

Stuart Liroff
Stuart Liroff
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