Looking to search within words and strings

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Looking to search within words and strings

Postby rscherker » Thu Jun 02, 2005 1:21 pm

I guess this is a feature request, since I can't seem to find way to accomplish it with X1 v 5.2 and I feel it's pretty critical.

I'd like to be able search for text in the middle of a string. For example, If someone's email address is donjohnson12@notreal.com and I want to find the emails he's sent me but all I can remember is that his email address has 'johnson' in it... I think X1 should be able to find it. Currently X1 can't seem to search for text in the middle of strings, however this kind of functionality is really important.

I'd suggest using a meta-character (like *) in front of the search text to denote that zero or more characters before the search text is ok. Example: searching for *johnson would find:

mary.johnson@bogus.org etc...

Any chance that this is something X1 could add?
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Postby w0qj » Thu Jun 02, 2005 5:34 pm

> mary.johnson@bogus.org

X1 currently can find "johnson" in above email address, since X1 treats symbols (a "." in this case") is treated like a white space.

That said, i also wish X1 can add an advanced option for power X1 users, to switch on an X1 advanced indexing mode to search for phrase searching.

I understand that X1 last year did comment on this, and said that indexing will be "much" longer for this. Lots of others are already complaining v5.x is running slower than v4.x
Since I have lots of RAM, powerful CPU, a fast hard drive, shouldn't be too bad for my computer...
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Search for mid-strings.

Postby bdixon » Sun Jul 24, 2005 3:48 am

From a computer science point of view. Unless you wanted about a 10X (order of magnitude) increase in index size, searching for mid-strings is not really likely. HOWEVER, you make a point of the need to search for name fragments in email Inbox to/from/cc/bc/etc fields. Given these are relatively minor abounts of text (creating the hash tables (used to look up a string) for all permutations of a mid-string is not that onerous...).

So maybe you should submit a new feature request for just this sub string functionality...

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