Indexing Outlook Web Mail (MSN / Hotmail)

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Indexing Outlook Web Mail (MSN / Hotmail)

Postby bdixon » Sun Jul 24, 2005 3:41 am

I know it is a known issue... and the workaround is copy mail into a regular folders where it will get indexed... however, it would be amazing to have x1 index Outlook 2003 Web Mail (MSN/Hotmail) accounts. Increasing use of OUTLOOK Live service will make this more important.

my $.02 anyway.

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What about mbx files outside the e-mail account?

Postby billyjc » Wed Mar 22, 2006 3:40 am

Noted and agree, but *at least* the mbx files stored in archives, I mean, folders, HD´s and other partitions (drive letters) could be indexed and VIEWED, but unfortunately the current version of X1 can only "see" the messages in such files, if they are under the currently registered main e-mail account(s) within EUDORA and this goes to other e-mail clients, too.

At least this important feature should have been addressed, but all I got from X1 support the other day was a kind of "who-are-you" response, stating that the feature I requested "nobody ever asked for" (?), so they would "think it over sometime in the most distant future, if they feel like it". Obviously, they did not state so expressly, but I could feel it between their cold lines. This is what annoyed me. I wouldn´t have paid (=bought) this software, had I known of this shortcoming beforehand. This is what it takes when honest people want to respect software producers. Once they get paid, they turn their backs on you and shrug off your "small complaints". :cry:
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