Functions missing from older versions

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Functions missing from older versions

Postby carlosyogya » Sat Jun 03, 2017 12:09 am


I love X1 and I have been using it since the very early versions when was sponsored by Yahoo; so I have a deep relation with this progrma which I certainly love it.

The last 8 years I have been using Windows 7 32 bits at my office, and Now I had to change to a more modern computer running W10. That meant that I couldnt use anymore my previous version ( 6.2) and had to buy new license and use 8.5.2 64 bits.

Usually when one gets something newrr expects it better, right? Unfortunately my experience using the new X1 its beeing completely horrible... The power is there, but there so many flaws in UI design that you cant take advantage of the power of this program. And I am not requesting new features, but claiming those so extremely useful that previous versions had and this new one is missing, I will list them all:

1st Request: Give us back a really useful contextual menu:
- EMail contextual menu: Missing the extremeful options: Open attachments , go to attachments. That is very helpful for switching to the attachments tab with the included atachments of the selected email already selected in the whole list. WONDERFUL.
- Attachments contextual menu: Go to Item: Same than before but opposite. When looking for an attchament and it is found, then you can move automatically to the email tab with the email already selected from the list, or directly open a new window of the email containing that attachment.

2nd Request: Let us grab attachments from email tab:
- In old versions, we could grab attachments from the email Preview window; now it is not possible, what forces to open the email into a new window and then grabe them from there, Or what is even worse, do a new search in attachment tab and then grab them from the list. The difference is HUGE.

3rd Request: Give s a better UI design;
- New design is extremly poor and bulky. It is more metro style oriented, but very confusing as areas are not well defined and its confusing to easily search what you look for. For instance, there are no TABS ( Email, attachments, documents, contacts, all, etc) as I mention and there were before, that simple things is great for knowing where focus is and to select the right section of program... Other thing really confusing and unconfortable are the search boxes and selector for each column... They are confusing with the triangle which is useless and the point so small...

4th request Expanding or reducing Preview window doesnt show more columns but expands or reduces the selected column. Such a loss of time and comfort...

Many other things have of course improved, but these "silly" things reduce the power of this great program... I even buy it for clients as gift for them as I think this X1 improves office life of any handling thousands and thousands of emails, files, attachments, etc.

PLEASE! Help me....
Written with all the respect to the developers. :)
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