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Unwanted Indexin Outlooksubfolders in excluded parent folder

PostPosted: Sat Aug 20, 2005 5:59 am
by yeswork
x1 5.2.2 1852bz-bg
Outlook 2003

I use Newsgator to retrieve RSS feeds in Outlook. Newsgator automatically creates a new named subfolder for each RSS feed(e.g "Google News" under "NewsGator" in Outlook mail folders).

I initially setup X1 to exclude the Newsgator parent folder and X1 did not index any of the subfolders. However, if I add a new newsfeed, X1 starts to index this new subfolder (not the parent or other subfolders).

I can manually exclude the new subfolders in X1 options.

X1 automatically indexing a subfolder in an previously excluded parent folder seems like unexpected behavior to me.