X1 Vs Copernic evaluation

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X1 Vs Copernic evaluation

Postby MFC » Mon Aug 22, 2005 9:01 pm

Spent yesterday evaluating X1 and Copernic,
side by side on dual monitors.
Configuration information at bottom.
Hope the following is helpful.
Key issues to me are marked with **
Important issues with *

**Search Terms in files in Zip archives
X1 = Y, Copernic = No
eg I have zipped some old files. X1 found.

*Memory / Favs
X1 doesn't remember previous searches,
but can save as a Favorite.
Copernic remembers previous searches,
but doesn't have a Favorites function.

In X1 can easily filter on multiple file types, eg doc= OR txt=
In Copernic can only do one at a time.
(in fact can include .doc in search term,
but clumsy and not always appropriate)

X1 shows all files before searching,
and narrows down as you type - feels messy.
X1 automatically selects one for preview - often a pain,
esp when it selects outlook.pst.
Copernic waits for me to highlight.

X1 keeps moving viewer pane to rhs. A pain.

**Highlighting Search term in viewer pane
X1 = No, Copernic = Y

*Email From & To
X1 shows separate cols for From & To
- nicer, feels easier to organize.
Copernic: if sort by From, if To is me, just repeats From.
if sort by To, if From is me, just repeats To.
if sort by folder, if from is me, just shows To
if To is me, just shows From.
X1 doesn't show full folder name,
but does show name of attachment.
Copernic does show folder name,
and indicator only for attachment.

X1 has a separate search for attachments.
Copernic can only include attachments in an email search.

X1 No. Really an issue.
Copernic shows twice, once for O2K/pst, once for OE/wab.
(I use Outlook 2000 and share address book between O2K and OE)

X1 can filter by file type, = jpg
Copernic: have to include file type in search term.
Copernic shows (large) thumbnail of pic in search window.

X1 index about 1/2 the size of Copernic's (241Mb Vs 476Mb)

X1 can show All file types at same time.
Copernic will only show either Files (doc, rtf, pdf etc)
or emails or pictures etc.

X1 has forum
Copernic doesn't.
v. important, as you can see what issues
others are having and how solved,
and avoid bad releases etc.

Config of W/XP Workstation:
Dual Xeon 3.2GHz, 2Gb memory,
74Gb SATA, 400Gb SATA (no Raid), ,
Nvidia Quadro 1300, Creative Audigy II, Dual Monitor,
Windows XPPro/SP2
Outlook 2000 as PIM, OE for email
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Postby w0qj » Tue Aug 23, 2005 4:30 am

Wow... a long post!

1. New tidbit:
Copernic apparently wouldn't index pdfs if they were in any way protected, which [X1] does.

2. " X1 keeps moving viewer pane to rhs. A pain."
***You can move the preview pane to [Bottom] or hidden also. See Tools>Options for details.
BTW, this functionality was around way before Copernic was created.

3. " X1 doesn't remember previous searches, but can save as a Favorite."
***If you install the X1 Toolbar (Deskbar) onto the Windows Taskbar, it has a drop-down box that remembers your previous searches.
But it is funny that this was implemented in the core part of the program itself, which other users have commented upon & have made suggestions.
***You can customize your X1 Toolbar by: remove some of the other Buttons on the X1 Toolbar (Deskbar) by: View>>[Searches_Pane] and then you can remove/rearrange the [Favourite_Searches] by right-clicking and [Remove].

4. "Highlighting Search term in viewer pane"
***X1 actually highlights the search term in the Preview Pane.
Furthermore, you can press "+" and "-" to scroll up/down respectively to jump to the next "hit" in the search term.

5. "X1 index about 1/2 the size of Copernic's (241Mb Vs 476Mb)"
***This one was a deciding factor for me.
X1's Initial Indexing (the first time it indexes after X1 program installation), X1 is MUCH faster in Initial Indexing.
In fact, X1 is much faster than any other Desktop Search product that I know of (and I have tried quite a few).
Just ystd, tried to do Initial Indexing on a new version of competitor program, and Initial Indexing was not finished after 24 hours !

6. "74Gb SATA, 400Gb SATA (no Raid)".
***The limiting factor is hard drive read access speed and its spindle speed (7200 RPM or above is good), so go for a fast hard drive (which yours should be more than enough).
Also, more memory is good. I have 1 GB RAM and it's more than enough for most people.
CPU helps, but above 2 is more important, especially if you have a recent CPU.

Hope this helps you in deciding!
Rgds / Mr. Wong

"It is what X1 can do with the information found that is important."
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X1 more thorough than Copernic

Postby AndrewJ » Mon Feb 06, 2006 4:38 pm

I've noticed that X1 is more complete in indexing PDFs than Copernic. For idiosyncratic reasons, there were a couple of words in some PDFs that Copernic was not able to index, whereas X1 was able to. I was looking for 100% indexing, and X1 fit the bill (and was worth the $75).
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Check the BETA to address some of your requests

Postby paulceaston » Mon Feb 13, 2006 10:41 am

Regarding the Preview showing all files and narrowing down as you type, that is one of the best features of the program IMHO. But perhaps an option to have the search behavior work differnently would would be useful to others.

As for X1 not indexing Contacts, the BETA version does. It also indexes Meetings, Appointments, and Tasks. And it works well for this. If you use categories, like I do, you can now pull up all e-mail, documents, tasks, contacts, and appointments for a particular category. One thing that is still missing is that it does not index notes for some reason.
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