Right click on Outlook msg - find all msgs to or from person

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Right click on Outlook msg - find all msgs to or from person

Postby goggin » Thu Oct 06, 2005 9:12 am

I'd like X1 to support user friendly searches from within Outlook...such as finding all messages directly "to" or "from" you and another person. This kind of search...looking for ongoing dialogs with another person...is a common search need and it would be great if X1 had a built in search that supported it. (The key here is showing only messages directly between you and another person and filtering out all the "broadcast" type departmental messages that just happen to list both of you as recipients, but have nothing to do with your ongoing business with each other).

Even better yet would be if that search could be invoked by right clicking on a message within Outlook...somewhat along the lines of these suggestions.



Right now the only way Outlook supports this restricted "to or from" search I mentioned above is via Search Folders...which aren't helpful for spontaneous searches (which is what I mostly use X1 for!). I find the overhead involved with setting up Search Folders isn't conducive to my work style which seems to always require a lot of "one time, on the spot" searches.

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