E-mail Header Information not indexed

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E-mail Header Information not indexed

Postby paulceaston » Sun Mar 05, 2006 6:00 pm

X1 does not seem to index all of an e-mail message. There is some information such as flags and categories that are contained in e-mail headers that I would like to search on. For example, there is an extension to Mozilla Thunderbird that allows you to edit header informatino and to create your own X headers, such as X-Tags or X-Categories so you can add keywords/tags/labels to you e-mail to create a G-Mail like organization.

I would love to search in X1 for all e-mail that contains "X-Tags" and "Software" and create search folders on this. This would be a much better alternative than Outlooks "categories", which are not stored in the e-mail and are therefore not available to other IMAP clients.
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need fully searchable email headers re: IP addresses

Postby zqbogus » Mon Dec 17, 2007 9:50 pm

Another use for fully indexed email headers is when a correspondent has become infected by a virus, but their system sends out infected emails with spoofed senders.

If I could search all of my messages for the IP address in the header of the spoofed email, I could usually match it up to other messages from my contact, who needs to be advised that his/her system is compromised.

Although IP addresses can also be spoofed, in this type of situation that's rarely the case, and a comparison of IP addresses could help to track down and squelch a spreading virus.
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Postby w0qj » Tue Dec 18, 2007 1:21 am

Right, may I rephrase your question into a Feature Request...

1. So you wish X1 to let you index for customized email header information, which X1 is currently not indexing for.

eg: User-Defined email header info such as: Acme Inc.

eg: Search for IP address info in email header.

2. X1 currently doesn't index for these, because it indexes only for information that can be Previewed. Specifically, anything NOT displayed in X1's Preview_Pane will not be indexed.

This includes above 2 examples unfortunately.

3. You can look into buying X1's SDK, and add a custom search column for ThunderBird email headers (i'm not sure if this is possible with X1's current Text Extractor program... you need to examing this in depth...)
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