Duplicate Files Feature Request

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Duplicate Files Feature Request

Postby tsabboud » Thu Mar 23, 2006 7:16 am

I often copy files to other volumes and drives and end up with duplicates of files all over our system.

It would be great if X1 did a search of duplicate files with the criteria I request like; Exact match, same name and type, look in archives, etc.

It would also be helpful if we could more easily narrow our search to the specific item I am looking for.

Of course, X1 might already do all of this and I am just have no clue as to how to do it.

Thanks for listening.
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Postby w0qj » Fri Mar 24, 2006 8:08 am

X1 is currently not that suitable for searching for duplicate files.
Here is the best solution i can think of.
In any recent version of X1:

1. In [File_tab] you first need to set the column sorting order to File/Size/Date priority as follows:

[Left_click] on the "File" column (a triangle should show up there).

Then, SHIFT+[Left_click] on the "Size" column (a 2nd triangle should show up there).

Finally, SHIFT+[Left_click] on the "Date/Time" column (a 3rd triangle should show up there).

2. Go through each file that has a duplicate file name, and preview these to determine if it's a duplicate.

3. If you are using the just released XDS v5.5, you can use X1 to directly (permanently) delete the file within X1 program.

Hope this helps!
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