Unwise Combination of Index Schedule and Delay Scan Settings

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Unwise Combination of Index Schedule and Delay Scan Settings

Postby tonyrony » Tue Jun 06, 2006 8:57 am


I didn't have time to search all the forums; I hope this issue hasn't already been addressed. I wanted to mention the potential problem associated with carelessly setting the Indexing Schedule and Delay Scan options.

One of the users in my group had set a frequent Indexing Schedule in conjunction with a long Delay Scan time period.

Example: Imagine the results if you set the Indexing Schedule for every 60 minutes with the Delay Scan option set to 60 minutes if PC is in use. I don't recall the exact settings used, but in the case of this one user, it turns out his initial index build never completed and he had been working with an incomplete index database for weeks!

Bill Gates eventually got smart enough to help protect us from those times when we might accidentally do a "del *.*" in the wrong place at the wrong time; a confirmation response is required. Similarly, it would be nice if X1 were "smart enough" to warn unwitting users who might accidentally set these options inappropriately, thereby preventing X1 from doing its job properly.

It would be nice to see this feature, eventually. It would go a long way toward protecting dumb users (me included) from themselves.

Oh, in case my tone sounds sarcastic, rest assured we really like X1. It's been a life saver to us. Thanks to the X1 Team for a very nice product. Good luck.

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Postby BillChapman » Tue Jun 06, 2006 10:26 am

Thanks for posting this Tony. I don't recall that anyone else has made a similar post.

Yours is an important insight, and may explain why some users have reported unending indexing, the cause of which nobody was able to diagnose. If they see this, perhaps some of those who have reverted to earlier versions of X1 will give 5.5.2 another try, checking this setting first.
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