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the never ending "won't start" circle

PostPosted: Thu Oct 05, 2006 3:20 pm
by mkrell
so i have a puchased version of X1 that i upgraded to the new Enterprise client 5.5.5. and i seem to be in an infinite loop. this is on a laptop machine that hibernates, starts, stops, quite often. Windows XP Pro SP2 with Outlook 2003.

the problem is this. Every couple days, X1 gets hung up and will not launch. i try and start it, look in the task manager and X1.exe and X1Service.exe start, the mem usage climbs, and then they close. i can go around in this circle forever. if i unload X1 (using the Windows add/remove software) and then unload the registry using x1_reg_killer.reg and reload the sofware again, i go around in a for a few days, gets hung and i start the process all over. i have been doing this for at least a month or so, since i really like to product, but enough is enough.

Any ideas?

Mike :(

PostPosted: Thu Oct 05, 2006 3:55 pm
by Kenward
The clue may be in running a PC that is always stopping and starting.

Is X1 set to stop indexing on battery?

Have you tried stopping X1 so that the PC isn't rudely interrupting what is going on in X1?

Are your indexing options, especially the time settings, set at sensible numbers for your scenario?

Has X1 ever completed indexing?

How about just leaving the thing alone for a while, without letting it hibernate, to see what happens?

PostPosted: Thu Oct 05, 2006 6:42 pm
by mkrell
it has completed indexing many times. it is set to real time indexing and of course it indexes on battery. this is a laptop i use for work. i move it on and off battery regularly and take it home with me every night.

i guess i should also mention it locks up Outlook fairly regularly and i have to shut it down to actually get outlook to open. and certainly if i ever have an outlook problem i have to re-install.

Pretty typical laptop usage...shouldn't the program know how to gracefully hibernate as other windows programs do? this is not a problem with hibernate alone, i haven't been able to narrow it that far down. it sometimes happens on a restart or shutdown


PostPosted: Fri Oct 06, 2006 1:34 am
by Kenward
of course it indexes on battery

Why? I don't allow this myself. Indexing eats battery. Why not stop it from indexing on battery to see if this helps?

Yes, it should close down gracefully. But we are talking about complex combinations of software that can get in the way of the best laid plans.

You now mention Outlook. This can be awfully flaky, especially in combination with other things.

X1 has caused me Outlook grief, but so have other "add ons".

I fear that you are going to have to try a few more tricks.

By the way, I resort to uninstall/reinstall only as a last resort. There are usually other ways to recover your system without going that far.

For example, with Outlook I have saved myself by using the "Save my settings wizard" in Office. This is good in not needing a rebuild of email accounts. I also use scanpst regularly.

With X1, recovery can be through deleting, or editing, some of the .ini files.

I also remove the "tmp" garbage that builds up all over the place.

As a last resort I look for registry edits that can remove troublesome entries, or that force the software to rebuild.

PostPosted: Fri Oct 06, 2006 5:25 am
by mkrell
what tricks? i have tried everything i know to not have to uninstall/reinstall X1. what i am looking for is what i don't know. what .ini files? temp stuff i clean all the time. what registry keys? when X1 starts and then quickly dies, there must be something stopping it from the re-start...that's what i am trying to find.


PostPosted: Wed Dec 06, 2006 11:19 am
by NeverOutofTune
I, too, have a problem with X1 5.6 build 3377. My situation is similar in that I have Outlook 2003 with an OST. I have PST but I do not keep these connected to Outlook but do have X1 indexing them.

I don't keep X1 in my toolbar and use Auto Hotkey to bring up the X1 interface by running "C:\Program Files\X1\X1.exe" I have this tied to a key combination (Windows Key + S).

I run into two problems with X1:

1) I get a fatal error sometimes when coming out of Standby. I usually keep Outlook open when in Standby. I have X1 set stop indexing when on battery but many times I will go into standby before remove power.

2) Running "C:\Program Files\X1\X1.exe" from my hotkey or from a command prompts stops working. I can bring up X1 if I re-enable the toolbar. The only fix I have for this is to deinstall/reinstall X1.

I have never had to reinstall Outlook to fix any problems. This problem existed with the version previous to 5.6 (5.5.5?).

The X1 interface is much better for me than the others (Copernic, Microsoft, Google, etc). The search results seem similar between them all. I have gotten a few more hits out of X1 but it is hard to get an apples to apples comparison based on add-ons and search list options between all the search engines.

I'm am going to load again (it is broken at the moment) and try to a few option changes, try to remove my AC power before going into Standby so that X1 stops indexing gracefully.