Tags and their display

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Tags and their display

Postby Kenward » Thu Jan 11, 2007 2:50 am

I have been playing around on one of those "social tagging" web sites that lets me post, and save, links to interesting articles.


One thing it offers is the ability to tag entries. Now, this is not a new idea, but because of the way they represent the tags I am beginning to see the point of the idea.

It strikes me that a desktop search tool could use similar features. If it could search a file's metadata, where, I assume, we could add tags, it could then look at the tags on a highlighted entry, the one in the viewer, and then display the related tags, and emphasise these in ways that show their strength, that is how often they crop up elsewhere in the search results.

I haven't thought this thing through. It has just occurred to me and in any case I am not bright enough to work out the implications. But as there must be a search engine behind those tags in the first place, it seems like something worth discussing for X1.

If no one else sees the point, or it is technically too difficult, then I'll just have to live with what we have got.
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