No wildcard or string search?!

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No wildcard or string search?!

Postby Matthew » Tue Jan 20, 2009 8:47 am

I just installed X1 to evaluation and am surprised and disappointed to see no apparent means to do a wildcard or string search. Maybe I missed this somewhere but I also notice earlier forum comments on this as well. The product is, in my opinion, incomplete and useless without either a wildcard or character string search capability.

Consider a an example... if I am search for proposals and know that somewhere in the filename will be the word proposal, with X1 I apparently cannot find the file from among the list. For example:

File A.docx
Company A - Proposal - 20080131.docx
Company B - Proposal - 20071215.docx
Company A - Project X - Proposal - 20060710.doc
File Z.docx

Maybe I've just overlooked the syntax to make this simple and common search?
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Postby Kenward » Tue Jan 20, 2009 10:38 am

I am not sure that I follow your quest. X1 is all about "character string search capability".

If your search finds the files you list, then you should be able to narrow down the search by searching further on the content. Just add another word. Maybe the company's name, or something else you remember.

If there is no difference between the content of the files, then I can't see how any software would find it.

To be honest, if I have search that delivers just five hits, then I am happy to look at them in the viewer to get what I want.

I guess a lot also depends on how you name and organise your files. I try to provide clues in the filenames and "folders," as we much now call directories.
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Re: No wildcard or string search?!

Postby tjh » Tue Jan 20, 2009 11:25 am

Matthew wrote:ny A - Proposal - 20080131.docx
Company B - Proposal - 20071215.docx
Company A - Project X - Proposal - 20060710.doc
File Z.docx

Maybe I've just overlooked the syntax to make this simple and common search?

I don't follow quite what you're doing (or not, as the case may be!)

I have a bunch of files in a directory called "blah blah consulting Invoice X" where X can be any number between 1 and 50. All I have to do is search for consulting and all files appear for me.

Can you clarify, are you trying to search for "Proposal" in the document itself, or in the filename?

If X1 is returning more results than you're expecting (which I think is what you're trying to say), then probably you're searching using the "Search" box. Go down to the next level and search in the "Name" column (just put the word 'proposal' in, minus the quotes) and it'll only show files with proposal in the filename (and won't search in the document's content)

Does this help? If not please explain in a bit more detail what the problem is.
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Re: No wildcard or string search?!

Postby thelinebetween » Wed Nov 09, 2011 2:28 pm

As for the need for a wildcard, I can certainly address that issue.

Let's examine the following example:

I would like to search all my e-mails for any e-mail referencing the phrase "S-1680", but I know that there are occasions where the phrase S-1680 may be followed by additional characters, such as "S-1680r". If I were to try to search for the phrase using quotations to yield ONLY e-mails with refernce to the entire phrase "S-1680", I wouldn't get any of the e-mails with "S-1680r" or any other variations of that sort.

Interestingly, in this example, I can simply leave off the last quotation mark, and I can get every entry that references things begining with the PHRASE "S-1680"

However, in this example I wouldn't yeild any results where the phrase is written "S1680". Now, that should be as simple as adding an OR command. However, the resulting search command would be:

"S-1680 OR S1680

That search will ONLY yeild results that have the exact phrase "S-1680 OR S1680..." In order to end the PHRASE started, and allow the OR to be an operator, I would have to close the quotations, which leads back to the first problem.

So why not just put S1680 first, right? What if I need to search for examples where there are references to S-1680 (and its various iterations) AS WELL as S-1681 (and its various iterations).

If there were a wildcard operater, say "*", my search would read: ("S-1680*" OR "S1680*") & ("S-1681*" OR "S1681*")...

This search would include ALL of the following resuls:

E-mail Text: S1680d moved to S-1681r
E-mail Text: S 1681 no longer relevant to S1680q


Hope that helps clarify. And in case any of you think this is an extreme and trivial device, I assure you it is an EVERYDAY nuissance for people like me who deal with data organization and rehabilitation for large datasets.
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Re: No wildcard or string search?!

Postby Chris Wheaton » Thu Nov 10, 2011 2:17 pm

thelinebetween - While we at X1 understand that wild card searching can have its place and can be of benefit; wild card searching - when broadly applied to a large data set - will take longer to return results thus making our Fast as you Type search technology not that fast.

That said, I find your search requirements as reported here to be of a type that X1 should handle fairly easily. This is because X1 is a prefix based search tool which means that X1 sort of assumes a wild card at the end of the search string. This is why, when looking for Fred for instance, you would get hits for Fred by entering:


In my testing I sent myself emails containing your specific email text and several additional varieties of the same text. The search that provided the most consistent results was: s168 OR s 168

Notice my use of S 168 instead of S-168. I did this because X1 treats the dash (-) as punctuation and punctuation is treated as a space.

I encourage you to continue testing various search types but you might want to submit a more formal customer service request here:

Chris Wheaton
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