Still no joy with release 6.7.4

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Still no joy with release 6.7.4

Postby Jeffrey Levine » Wed Jun 13, 2012 1:27 pm

I love X1. I have to say that first, because despite any imperfections, it is an indispensable element of my computer usage.

That said, none of my biggest gripes have been addressed in the latest release. 6.7.4.
I'm posting this mostly to inquire if there is any hope of these issues being resolved. (I believe all four of them are interrelated.)

GRIPE #1: imap support

The release notes for v.6.7.4 state:

IMAP Email Servers - X1 does not support indexing of email messages when using IMAP mailboxes. X1 recommends always storing copies of email messages in a local PST file.

This isn't quite true. I use IMAP. I also use a lot of local .pst files.
My imap folders are, in fact, indexed with X1, but some of the functionality doesn't work properly.
Also, there's a major shortcoming with your proposed "workaround".

Gripe #1: "Move to Folder" function doesn't work properly.

Back when I was using POP3 mail, I used to use X1 to organize my emails into folders, using "Move to Folder". I could simultaneously move ALL my email correspondence with a particular address from "Sent Items" and "Inbox" in one step, so I could keep everything together. It was VERY convenient.
Now, with imap email, copies of the emails are actually moved to new folder--which is good!-- but the originals are not deleted from the Inbox, which is bad.

Gripe #1a: When you click "Move to Folder" X1 opens a new "Select Folder" window, but this window is likely to be hidden behind other open windows. Unless you know it's there, you don't know what to do next. Now I know to look for it... but other users may find this frustrating.

Gripe #2: Your workaround is to use a local .pst file. I'm not sure how you intend this to be used, but I already use a LOT of local .pst files.... and X1 indexes them all--Which is good--but it's really, really hard to figure out where things are located--which is bad. There's simply not enough information provided in the X1 window to tell you specifically which .pst file the mails occur in. It tells you the folder name, but if the same folder name appears in multiple .pst files, you're screwed. This is very frustrating. I had an extended forum dialog with Kenward about this issue, and it was never resolved to my satisfaction. Displaying the Profile/PST column serves no useful purpose at all, as all my .psts are under the same profile, and despite the promises of the column heading "Profile/PST", the profile is named, but the .pst file name is NOT DISPLAYED. Obviously X1 has this information, as it apparently (??) knows where the message came from.
So if you're going to suggest using local .pst files as a workaround, you've GOT to give us more information in the interface.

Gripe #3: For reasons I've never actually figured out, X1 has multiple copies of certain emails... Not uncommonly, there will be four copies in the index where 3 of them display the message: "Unable to locate this email message. It may have been either deleted, moved, or is located in a profile that is not currently connected. [etc.]" I would love to purge these "missing" messages from the index, but they won't purge.... no matter what. I've seen other users discussing this problem, and there is no resolution so far as I can tell.

Gripe #4: I wish there was a way to force a "reindexing" or "refresh" of the index screen. Other users have complained about this.

My gripes vented, I will restate, "I love X1". I couldn't get by without it... But I do wish these issues could be resolved.

Jeff Levine
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