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Postby jackvio » Sun Sep 23, 2012 7:16 am

I'd pay $50 for an upgrade that let me use unix regex expressions, even if it were restricted just to the file name fields (would not need it work within file content). I could totally repair my music library, conquer the world, and more. I know I could switch to a mac and script this with a little effort (I have about 15 hours of coding experience in my 15 years in the software industry, but I can I struggle through stuff like this in Unix).

Motivating problem was that I can find no way to do the quasi-equivalent of grepping for ^a in Unix, which of course finds each line in a file that starts with a. I want to find each filename that starts with "a".

Is this really impossible in X1? I feel I must be missing something. Is it not glaringly obviously valuable, and trivially cheap to implement a "starts with" operator? I would be most happy to find out that this functionality exists, despite my best effort to concoct something equivalent from the available X1 operators. Also if there is plugin for this I could not find it (note to developers who could punch this out 15 minutes: the $50 offer equally applies!).
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