"pause all" should resume after 30 minutes

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"pause all" should resume after 30 minutes

Postby x1uncle » Wed Oct 14, 2015 4:39 am

----- Request for new feature ----
At least once a week my X1 queries become unbearably slow because X1 is re-indexing all files and emails.

When this happens, I simple click on “pause all” and the problem is solved. I then leave x1 paused for several hours while doing research, and click on “resume all” when my project is complete. The “pause all” feature works wonders, and has eliminated many hours of frustrating waits in the last few months.

Unfortunately, I sometimes forget to issue a “resume all”. When this happens, I don’t realize it until several days later when I discover that X1 cannot find some of the things I’m looking for.

This obvious downside could easily be eliminated. When I click on “pause all” X1 should ask “How long should the pause last?” with a default answer of 30 minutes. Voila, my forgetfulness would no longer be a problem.

----- Request for a temporary workaround ----

I wonder if there is some way to accomplish my goal with the current version of the software? For instance, does X1 have a DOS command line interface that can be used to manually issue a “resume all”? If so, I can use the Windows Scheduler to automatically reissue a “resume all” once every hour, and my problem would be solved.
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