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Installation issues

Postby Kenward » Wed Mar 18, 2009 2:23 pm

On installing the new beta version, X1 installer asked me to close Outlook. I did.

It then asked me to close X1.

Er, it is closed. No sign of it in Task Manager.

No applications, processes or services.

Left it quite some time to check.

Told it to ignore. Then noticed that it is sending an "anonymous uninstall report".

Does this mean that X1 check on multiple installations of the same key?

Interestingly, for software that I had to issue the "Ignore" instruction, usually a sigh that a file is in use, X1 did not tell me to reboot.

X1 did not restart itself after installation.

I still think that there is a design flaw in the main window.

The tabs should run across the width of the thing. "Favorite Searches" should line up with the "Search:" slot.

As it is, the things ugly.
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