Distinguishing Searches by Email Accounts

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Distinguishing Searches by Email Accounts

Postby Trajan » Tue Nov 24, 2009 6:58 am

I am trying to separate out emails I have stored by email account. I have not been able to, and could use some help. Here is what I have:

1. I have three email accounts. One is an MS Exchange Account (my main account). Two are Gmail accounts that appear in Outlook via IMAP.
2. My IMAP settings are set to download emails to my PC into a pst file
3. The IMAP accounts are currently "mounted" into Outlook (i.e. I access them regularly with Outlook and don't have to open the PST file)
4. I also have two different Archive PST files that are not mounted in Outlook. I have added those PSTs to X1. They index fine and are easy to distinguish (by the Profile/PST column)

I have searched for a column that I can enter a search term in to distinguish the IMAP accounts from my main email, so I can set up a saved search (to search only that account). I can't find one. All my emails in the IMAP Inboxes are now lumped with my main Inbox. The "Email Address" column (which I thought might work, since each account has a different email address) is completely blank on all emails after a full index. I have no idea what it is used for. The Profile/PST column gives the same result for all three accounts (main, and two IMAP) probably because all of the folders are mounted to the same Outlook Profile.

I had previously "added" the IMAP PST files to X1 as separate PSTs, but that apparently was causing 6.6 to crash (X1 support suggested that, and appear correct).

Any help out there?
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