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X1 tries to connect to an imaginary Mail Profile

PostPosted: Mon Aug 03, 2009 4:16 am
by Kenward
I use software, synchpst, to synchronise the email on my laptop and PC. The software creates a temporary profile as it does its stuff. When it is over, the profile vanishes.

For some reason, X1 has found this profile and, when it starts, tries to connect to it. It shows an error:

"The profile name is not valid. Enter a valid profile name."

I tell it to use the one that Outlook is set up to open when it starts.

Even if I tell X1 to set this as the default profile, it still complains when I next start it.

The "drop down" list of profiles does not show the fake on. The only sign that it has used the temporary profile is in the "Profile/PST" column in its display.

How can I tell X1 to ignore this temporary profile and to forget that it ever existed?