Windows hangs as X1 spends "hours"! saving index files

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Windows hangs as X1 spends "hours"! saving index files

Postby Kenward » Tue Mar 22, 2011 3:25 am

Several times lately I have noticed that when trying to shut down Windows it will hang during the log off phase with a message about X1 saving its index.

I can leave this screen for quite some long time and the saving never seems to complete.

Dreading the thought that a forced shutdown will wipe out the index, I try to avoid the heavy handed approach.

This may or may not be related to episodes that are the reason for me wanting to log off – X1 just doesn't respond to the usual actions. In other words, I cannot get it to spring into view with the keyboard shortcuts or from the taskbar.

And when I try to manipulate X1 from the Notification Area it can take minutes for the "Right click" to do anything. (No, that is not an exaggeration.) Even then, it doesn't seem to achieve anything.

While trying these operations, X1 is visible in Task Manager but it is using 0 CPU.

It is as if X1 is asleep and nothing will wake it up.

This is reliable behaviour – I see it most days at some time.
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