X1 always showing a lower total than the actual

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X1 always showing a lower total than the actual

Postby johnix » Fri Nov 22, 2013 2:22 am

Hi there,

We are using X1 on a remote computer connected to the Exchange server by VPN and using Outlook 2007. It seems that X1 doesn't ever complete indexing, reaching the total number of items in Outlook, and when VPN disconnects, the total in X1 decreases! Outlook is set to store to an offline file (.ost) while set to store only some important folders. X1 is set to index Outlook daily.

"Ignore public folders", "Ignore additional mailboxes" and "Index Outlook in real-time" are not selected.

Could it be that X1 starts to index only the offline data the moment VPN and thus, Outlook disconnects?

The total number of items should be around 1000 000, but it rarely reaches a few hundred thousand. Indeces have been cleared several times. The correct total didn't even show up after offline scheduling in Outllook has been disabled.

Does anyone have a similar experience and / or solution? :|
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