Indexing stopped / stalled against Lotus Notes

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Indexing stopped / stalled against Lotus Notes

Postby jstrauss » Sat Dec 28, 2013 7:03 am


My indexing has stopped / stalled at 62.83% against Lotus Notes email. I just noticed it, and not sure how long its been occurring. I've searched the forum,knowledge base, FAQ, and Google, but can't seem to find anything related. I've also, shut down, and restarted X1, shut down my computer and restarted both lotus and x1...

In playing with the settings, I've noticed X1 stalls indexing my current notes inbox, NOT my archived inbox.

Any suggestions on things to try?

X1 ® Professional Client Version 6.7.4
(Build 4054eu) (Created: Wed Jun 6 15:38:39 PDT 2012)

IBM Lotus Notes 8.5
Release 8.5.3FP2 SHF22
Revision 20120703.0900-T00022SHF-FP2 (Release 8.5.3FP2 SHF22)

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