Ipod touch problems with mobile search

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Ipod touch problems with mobile search

Postby robo » Mon Apr 11, 2011 9:37 am

I installed the 14 day trial of X1 on my home PC. Indexed document files stored on my NAS drive, mapped as Y: as well as the document folder on my PC's C: drive. Everything I've tried on the PC works as expected.

Then I purchased the mobile client from the app store and installed on my ipod touch 4g. With both the touch and my PC hooked up via my home wifi, I was able to connect to my PC. From the touch, I could see files stored on the PC C: drive as well as the Y: drive, but could only view/download the files (pdfs) from the C: drive. Ok, not a big problem. I can move the files I might want to access to my C: drive.

The bigger issue is that I have to reestablish the connection to the PC every time in order for the touch to find the PC. If I turn off the touch, I get the PC not found when I try to use the mobile client again. I have to delete and re-add the touch as a mobile device. This is still with both on my home wifi. Obviously since I have to have access to both the PC and touch to do this, it is not very useful for mobile search since the connection will break if I turn off or move the touch to a different network.

Any ideas on things to try? When I have the two connected on my home wifi, the program seems very nice. I'm surprised there isn't more discussion on it here. If it would work reliably like this when my mobile is on a different network. I'm sure it's even more useful on an Ipad.
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