New to X1: Some basic questions

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New to X1: Some basic questions

Postby saladsamurai » Tue Nov 29, 2016 7:46 am

Hello all - I was shown X1 by a former colleague a few months ago and I got hooked on the idea of using it. I purchased it and have yet to use it for the past few months because it doe not seem to be doing what I need. I know it is operator error, so I am here to hopefully find some help. Here are the things I am having trouble with. Any advice is appreciated.

1) I am not sure which version of X1 I have (pro?). When I go to Help>About it says "X1 Search 8.4.1" .... is this the "pro" edition? I bought it here:

2) X1 is not indexing all of my directories. In the Windows 7 hierarchy, it appears to be indexing everything in "C:\Users\XXXX\Documents", which despite Microsoft's best efforts, is the last place I store my documents :wink:

I have done a google search on how to change this with no luck. I have tried to follow the guidance at the link below, but I do not have those options available to me. This is the reason for question 1. ... xtensions-

Do I need to upgrade to a more 'professional' version for these options?
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