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Free alternatives

Postby brucemc777 » Thu Jun 26, 2008 5:59 pm

With all due respect, I remember X1 as the best search tool I ever used. In the earlier emergent days I had the priviledge of being a beta tester, for whatever good I was at the time, and used X1 free of charge, then enjoyed it later when it was free for personal use. It has been a number of years since I have employed any and I just thought it might be nice to have one handy after putting everything back together after being stooooopid and allowing a virus to force me to wipe my drive clean. So I dropped by the X1 site and I find there is no longer a free version, and no longer support for Eudora (I don't care that it isn't still in production, I still believe it to be the best email client available). Uhg. Two rather dear features of a personal desktop search are gone...

Since you folks would be the experts on search engines. acknowledging X1 as the best, are there any alternatives that might not be as good, but would still be free for single computer non-commercial use, and that support Eudora files (which, thankfully, internal to Eudora, X1 is still there!)?
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Postby xcity » Thu Jun 26, 2008 10:29 pm

copernic is a good alternative, it's even better in some areas, but overall it's still left behind.
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Postby Kenward » Fri Jun 27, 2008 4:34 am

There is nothing to stop you from using an older free version that worked with Eudora.

As Eudora is not used in the business world, which is where X1 makes it money, there is little incentive to support this now dying software. (It doesn't support my old Compuserve account either.) Be prepared for other software to dump Eudora, now that it has dumped itself.

As to no free version any more, if something is important enough for you then is $50 really too much to pay?

There is this funny notion in e-land that everything should be free. Do you think that Google is free? You may not pay for it, but somebody does.

By all means create an "open source" group along the lines of Firefox to bring together fellow idealists to write a rival to X1. If it does a really good job, it might even break into the corporate world, something that even Firefox has had to fight to do.
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Postby w0qj » Fri Jun 27, 2008 6:53 am

It was Eudora who threw in the towel, changing its own email file format, rendering it incompatable with X1.

~FireFox / OpenSource
IF we can get a critical mass of volunteer programmers to write PlugIn's and perhaps SDK's, this may greatly help users to get X1 to support the file formats they want...

This AddOn for FireFox was key in user acceptance.

So X1 can achieve this too.
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Postby brucemc777 » Fri Jun 27, 2008 2:55 pm

Thankfully, there seems to be a new email client in development called Odysseus that is attempting to take care of us abandoned Eudora users. As much of a fan I have been of FireFox, being on since early beta days of FireBird (FireWhatever) and having found that by tinkering with Thunderbird, I must say that the work by Mozilla on Thunderbird in the Eudora code camp at first was very exciting for me, merging my favorite two email clients, but now is far from that which I had hoped.

As to not being used in the business community, yeah, most large firms went with Outlook or Lotus Notes. They like the integration, even though OutLook moves like a drunken elephant. As a small business owner (started in 1985, the Michigan economy/idiot governor killed me and I finally threw in the towel early this year, moved to and now a Texan seeking employment in a "normal" job), I repeatedly tried Outlook almost once a year and never found it as good as alternatives. We as a people have elected a number of putzes to political office too, and though by popularity that does not make them any good. (Anyway, I believe in the "Citizen Kane" model - even if someone comes in pure to politics, they will end up as corrupt as can be - whether "I just want someone other than Hillary to play with my thing Bill" or "I will tell you anything so I can kill them all George").

And, no, I don't think everything should be free - I simply thought that someone over there at X1 was very smart by limiting X1 to personal use for free to become the standard that businesses would therefor adopt and pay for because of the base familiarity. Sorry it didn't work out for X1 as such, though I would think something somehow otherwise engineered could. I guess I think as I am, a marketing person, rather than a pissed off programmer (which I also have been, and all too well understand).

As a note, as a beta tester for them also I tried to influence ScanSoft (Now Nuance) to sit down with X1, as the indexing agent they use (it has been years, literally, and I forgot the name of their partner) has never worked well in the rather large base I use PaperPort for, but then, perhaps, all the better. As Nuance is in bed with Macrovision, maybe X1 does not wish to sully it's own good name...

I am afraid I do not understand the observation that Eudora screwed up the compatibility - I have the last paid release and it runs the X1 search engine internally for it's search routines, or at least appears to. I guess something else went on that I am not privy to/up to speed on?
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