X1 with CommVault Archival / Search

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X1 with CommVault Archival / Search

Postby natd » Sun Sep 21, 2008 9:01 pm


I haven't found ANYTHING on this my Googling but assume that some people must be using both X1 and CommVault products together.

We currently use CommVault for file/email archival and are getting around to setting up it's content indexing / search features too. While it's a great platform for protcting data and indeed letting users find it, it's not really very nice for end users main search interface, ie what you would use 50 times a day finding emails in normal course of work. X1 is much nicer from that respect with it's live column based updates inside Outlook.

We have a number of users who have self installed the unregistered basic X1 client and to a large extent it seems to interact with CommVaults archival well but I'd like to understand it better and if necessary licence to include in our standard desktop.

Has anyone eny experience with the two together? Is there any official support?
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