Can you compare search results?

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Can you compare search results?

Postby dj22 » Wed Dec 23, 2009 11:18 am

Is it possible to compare 2 search results? For e.g. I have many emails on a subject which has more than one keywords but not all appear in the same email. To avoid have duplicates I would like to run search 1 and then search 2, compare the 2 searches and then have the emails in one search but not in the other added to the search so as to compile a complete record without duplicates.

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Re: Can you compare search results?

Postby Tod » Mon Dec 28, 2009 11:18 am

There is not a generic way to compare two searches, but there are at least three ways to accomplish what you are trying to do.

1. Export to Excel - Use the File: Export Results... command and then export both searches to Excel. You can use Excel to sort and identify your results and find which ones are in one search and not another. This is the most powerful way to do some of what you are trying to do, but it is also the hardest.

2. Combine your searches - It really sounds like what you are trying to do is get all the results from two separate searches into one result set. This is really one of the main powers of X1. It takes a bit of learning, but once you figure out how to combine search terms, the full power of X1 can be unleashed on your data.

Let's say these are your searches:
search1: apple NEAR banana AND cookie
search2: dinosaur OR eagle

Just combine them into one larger search. Put parentheses around the whole search and then add an OR between.
(apple NEAR banana AND cookie) OR (dinosaur OR eagle)

If you had column specific searches, you would need to "promote" those into the main search field to do the above trick.

Let's say these are your searches:
search1: "apple" further filtered in the From field for "Tod" and the To field for "support"
search2: "banana" further filtered in the From field for "Support" and the Date/Time field for ">2008-12"

First adjust each search to fit in the main search field:
search1: apple From:Tod To:support
search2: banana From:Support Date/Time:>2008-12

Then combine as above
(apple From:Tod To:support) OR (banana From:Support Date/Time:>2008-12)

3. Federate your searches - sometimes the searches get really involved and it is not immediately obvious how to combine the search terms. Sometimes you don't have the time to "promote" all your search terms to the main search box. You can use this method to federate your searches into one result set.

Save each search as a specific Saved Search with the filters you want to use for each (File: Save Search As...)
Both of these searches should appear at the bottom of your All Searches pane
Right-click on one of the searches. Select Federate...
In the dialog box that pops up, select the second Saved Search (it should be at the bottom of the list)
Name the new search something meaningful
You now have a Federated search. Note that you will now see some grey and orange flyout bars next to each of your search terms - this lets you see (and modify) the "per source" filters for each of the searches that made up your newly federated search.

If this doesn't help, try to provide a more specific example of what you are trying to do (along with sample search filters) and I'll try again.
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