Sitting at 6.2.3 - Looking for basic things before upgrade

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Sitting at 6.2.3 - Looking for basic things before upgrade

Postby webdad » Sat Jan 16, 2010 4:36 pm

I've been an avid X1 user for the past 5 or so years. I purchased X1 way back in the day, and have gotten more than the cost of licensing out of it with heavy use of my 16GB of PSTs as well as all the assorted files, etc on my work laptop. It is easily the one app I use on a daily basis, and it regularly finds things I thought were gone forever.

That being said, it isn't all wine and roses as far as X1 for me. Like all software, after using it so regularly, X1 has its share of warts and quirks from my POV and the places X1 has been going provide little value for me. Vaults, Notes, Sharepoint, and the legal area are in the "Screen door on a Submarine" category for me.

My needs / desires are more basic, since I'm more of a "meat and potatoes" user that focuses on Outlook and files on disk. I say all that without any animosity, since X1 as a corporation has to make decisions on what to do to keep the lights on and since I'm not sitting at that table, it is what it is. X1 never made any guarantee on future capabilities and I never guaranteed I'd continually renew my support subscription. Such is life.

So, after stating all of the above, I'm just curious if any of the following, what I consider "blocking and tackling", features are fixed or implemented in the latest beta or a version beyond what I have today:

1. Search Outlook Conversation History - Office Communicator stores all your conversations in a folder in Outlook. X1 appears incapable of indexing those conversations. The issue has been mentioned elsewhere on the discussion board, but I don't see a resolution either way.

2. Quick Search - Similarly, this has also been mentioned on the board elsewhere as an ability to search via thread. Basically, I frequently need to respond to the latest msg in a thread, but I don't recall the exact thread topic and I'm not sure if I was the last one to send a msg on the thread. So, I start with finding the thread by setting "From" = Me, Subject = "keyword", once I find the thread, today, I have to cut / paste the subject, clear the search terms, and then start a new search using the pasted subject. Life would be a whole lot easier if I could select any bit of text and right-click to select "New search using selection" or something similar. That would be quick and easy.

3. Copy Msg to clipboard - I frequently find a message and want to include the found message in a seperate email as an attachment. I can't find anyway to basically copy the message as an object to the clipboard so that I can then paste it into a new email in the middle of a conversation. The best I can do is to select "send by email" once I find a message, this opens a blank email with the message as an attachment, and then I copy that to the clipboard and paste it as an attachment into the desired message. Then I have to go back and discard the blank email.

For me, I'll continue using X1 until something better comes along (either an upgrade or something else). Any or all of the above would probably push me to renew support, until then, i'll sit on the sidelines and put X1 on the shelf next to the "Happy Days" sitcom - which coined the term "Jumped the Shark".

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Re: Sitting at 6.2.3 - Looking for basic things before upgrade

Postby tjh » Sat Jan 16, 2010 7:24 pm

For item number 3, you can just drag and drop.
i.e. find the email you want and then drag it from the list of emails to the email you're writing. It'll pop into that email as an attachement. Quick and easy. I haven't tested on 6.2.3 but I see no reason it won't work, it does fine on 6.2.4

Hope this helps.
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