x1 virtual memory error with new laptop?

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x1 virtual memory error with new laptop?

Postby kmc24 » Sat Apr 10, 2010 8:55 pm

I have been using x1 for 3 years on my old IBM tablet (with XP). It has been a great product and has worked for me with no issues. I recently migrated to a new Dell Latitude xt2 running windows 7. I downloaded x1 version 6.7 and everything initially seemed to go fine -- the install went smoothly and it started indexing. By the second day, though, when I launched x1 -- I either received a virtual memory error and then it closed quickly on its own or it simply opened and closed on its own in about a second.

I have searched the boards and there was a discussion about this problem and with the 'solve' being to download 6.7. This is, of course, what I am running. It also mentioned that large .pst files are the problem and why it was necessary to go to v.6.7. There are some large .pst files on my machine, but these are the same files that I had on my IBM/XP machine and I never had any issue with x1 and these files.

I have become pretty reliant on this product and would love to keep using it -- but right now -- I can't even get the application to stay open such that I can try to fix the situation. Has anyone run into this issue? Any suggestions?

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