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Feature Request

Postby oacheson » Mon Jun 28, 2004 6:47 pm

I have been using X1 for a couple of weeks and am quite impressed both with it as it stands, and with the lengthy feature list in prep for the new beta. Perhaps I could add a couple of requests:

1) I could use a more rigorous search language specification, with full boolean capabilities both on text as well as on some of the email fields, e.g., "To:", "From:", etc. Use of regular expressions would be valuable as well. I notice the enhancement list includes boolean expressions. Will it include field searches? Regular expressions?

2) I find I am unable to do anything with the search results for files. Let me explain. In the mail section, I can move the results into a new folder, letting me work on the results in my mail program. I would like to be able to similarly move or copy files, or even just to pass the result list to a file manager like Windows Explorer or Total Commander to handle copying, moving, etc.


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