"An item with the same key..." Error message

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"An item with the same key..." Error message

Postby shiphen » Thu Nov 25, 2010 11:52 am

X1 Client Raptor 6.7.2


For many months now, every now and then I keep getting "An item with the same key has already been added."
Over the months, I have jumped through all sorts of hoops, to utterly and completely un-install X1.
I think it may particularly be a problem if I use the "All" tab.
I am slightly suspcious that it might be a problem with my data having overly long file names.
I have quite a lot of data in it's own dedictated directory on the local C: drive (about 2.1GB).
I also have about 8GB of Outlook2003 .PST emails files (for email archive) in the root directory.
And an .OST file that is about 1 GB.

To be honest as a result I rather hate X1.

a) I can't find anything that works better and
b) I've paid good money for it!

When it works it's brilliant. HOWEVER:

I hate the way it crashes so badly - When I open it up, it wont even let me see what version it is before it crashes!
I hate the way it is so hard to uninstall FULLY.
I hate the way it tries to search as fast as you type (which sounds clever but in reality slows down the typing)

Can anyone help before I go outside and throw myself off the nearest tall building... ?

Seriously - any thoughts?

John Smith
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Re: "An item with the same key..." Error message

Postby Kenward » Thu Nov 25, 2010 12:23 pm

Have you filed a proper support request? The company's experts do keep an eye on this place but it is mostly a user to user group.

Your data load isn't that massive, quite tiny even, I index more than 80 GB of PDF files alone, and 13 GB of Outlook PSTs.

I know what you mean about uninstalling X1. Unfortunately, the official instructions are only the start of it. As well as going through all the hoops, you may need to delete the folders that held X1 data.

One way to avoid the "search as you type" thing, which is usually only slow on relatively underpowered machines, is to use the X1 Deskbar. Fill that in and it throws the completed search term at X1.

I assume that you have installed the latest version of X1. It should be Build 4054by.
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