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Possible (leaked) Lenovo notebook named X1

PostPosted: Mon Apr 25, 2011 9:33 am
by askwong
Dear X1,

This is just a leak at the moment, that an upcoming (yet unannounced) Lenovo Thinkpad notebook computer may be called "X1". ... -gets-thin

Lenovo is taking another swing at the MacBook Air. Having discontinued their X300 ultraportable line, Lenovo seemed content to compete at the 11" and 12" form factor, without sitting a horse at the popular but Air dominated 13.3" form factor. But a listing on a Swiss computer distributor's site leaked and documents released on the Lenovo channel distributors' site confirmed that the ThinkPad purveyor is planning to take on the Air with a 21.5 mm thick ultraportable notebook called the X1.

For the record, I'm a supporter of X1, and a fan of Lenovo Thinkpad also. Of my conflicting loyalties, I find that I'm more a supporter of X1 ;)