Article: Where Have All the Filters Gone?

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Article: Where Have All the Filters Gone?

Postby csalsa » Tue Jan 03, 2012 3:52 am

I found an interesting article that does not seem to be referenced in this forum Where Have All the Filters Gone?

The introduction starts with:
Where Have All the Filters Gone?

Last Updated Dec 2008

By: Mark Bennett, New Idea Engineering Inc., Volume 4 Number 3 - June 2007


Through various mergers and acquisitions, the three main vendors for commercial document filters are now owned by companies who are already selling their own search products. We worry that new search engines may face problems when they try to license these filter packages. They will be bargaining with direct competitors. This could also negatively impact users of enterprise search technology as it may limit choices and allow prices to rise.

This is not a hopeless situation however, as some other solutions are available, though at some additional effort.
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