X1 8 - Best setup or configuration?

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X1 8 - Best setup or configuration?

Postby kinjileslie » Tue Oct 29, 2013 12:19 pm

Hi there,

What's the best setup for X1, should I have PST archives on a separate, external USB hard drive or is there a way I may have messed up the software installation? X1 seems to work fine for my boss for a little bit but eventually just seems to be horribly too slow to use or locks up entirely. When I've seen it, one can type in a search or manipulate buttons, but it takes forever for anything to happen, or... nothing seems to happen at all, though I haven't seen a "Not responding" report from Windows. As our company locks down domain-controlled user accounts, the only way to relaunch the program is to administratively kill the X1ServiceHost.exe process before launching X1 from the Start menu again.

Just got my boss going on a new computer with this installation, which has a solid state and conventional hard drive setup with Intel Rapid Storage Technology, driven by what I thought would be endless amounts of gigaherting and gigabyting.

Dell Precision T1650:

X1 8.1
Core i7 3.4GHz
Windows 7 64-bit

There are a dozen PST archives of old email totaling almost 80GB, only three of which are currently added to his Outlook account. I'm still trying to find out from my boss, the end user, if he's ever seen X1 actually complete indexing "Outlook Email."

I'm still digging around through threads but am having trouble finding anything along these lines so I apologize if this has been discussed elsewhere. We already once recovered from the upgrade to 8.1 when X1 dropped all of the Outlook data sources, but when we finally re-installed and got things going, he then told me "ever since" the computer upgrade, X1 has been slow and unresponsive.

Of course, every time I've seen or tested it, it seems fine. I'm still trying to get more details out of him but I don't use the program myself and not sure how to proceed troubleshooting the issue. Maybe I missed a FAQ or forum sticky somewhere?

Any help or suggestions are appreciated, thanks.

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Re: X1 8 - Best setup or configuration?

Postby kinjileslie » Thu Oct 31, 2013 1:01 pm

For anyone else who's interested, I submitted a similar request to X1 support with results from their diagnostic tool. I got the below response but haven't yet been able to get back on to my boss' computer to work on the issue. Essentially, looks like I need to re-install Outlook 2013 to run in 64-bit mode properly.


Hello Kinji,

I have reviewed your case and the various questions and I may be just a little confused, but let me tell you what I can and hopefully I'll cover most of what you need.

First of all, PSTs. Microsoft has always recommended, and continues to do so to my knowledge, that we store PSTs on Local hard drives. Does an "external USB" count as a local hard drive in this case? I don't know; but I'd recommend against storing PSTs on other than an internal local hard drive.

The locations of the PSTs should not have "messed up" the X1 software, but placing PSTs on other than local hard drives can create communication problems between Outlook and the PST file.

There are two ways to set up indexing for PSTs as discussed here:

X1 Search 8 is best run as administrator so that may play a role in the performance issues. I'd know more but the diagnostic files are not complete - likely due to the same permissions issue or because they were not run as the local user account (with Run As Administrator authority).

That said, I was able to glean a bit of information that did surprise me.

The system, as you pointed out, has a 'whopping' 16 gigs of RAM with a Pagefile max size of 32 Gigs - but already 8 gigs of that pagefile is in use... Is it possible that a high percentage of that pagefile use is tied to X1? Mabye.. Why? Because you're running Outlook 2013 in 32 bit mode.

When run like that X1 (and Outlook itself for that matter) will have to run as 32 bit applications subject to all the typical resource limitations you would expect of 32 bit applications - its as if you're still running a 32 bit computer in certain respects, including allocation of Working Memory and some virtual memory resources... When these resources are "used up" - the operating system will "page" the memory to disk (write to the pagefile) rather than provide more working RAM (and it can't provide more because it has already provided all it is allowed for a 32 bit application).

Now think about this for a minute. If X1's memory resources are used up over and over, being paged to disk, and your user brings the UI up to perform a search, the Paged data must be read back from disk into RAM - and then performance of X1 would return to normal...

Do you see....

Ultimately, my advice would be to remove X1 - do not Save Settings - and upgrade Office to the 64 bit install. Once all aspects of Office are proven to work properly, reinstall X1. X1 should, in that environment, install as a 64 bit application and be subject to much larger allocations of resources - less paging and swapping should be the end result and better overall performance should be seen.


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